We cannot deny the fact that Pilonidal disease is a troublesome condition, and at present, it is mostly affecting the young generation. People have no idea why they are having this cyst, which makes it more difficult for them to understand how to deal with it. They are worried about the pain and discomfort that are constantly keeping them awake through the night. The worst happens when the patient is a pregnant woman, and as she is already handling the other body changes, she has another addition to the list.

At this point, such patients always try to know what exactly they must do and who treats pilonidal cyst. This is because it is a new thing to them, and they have no idea what to do with the cyst. Some people suggest they go to a gynecologist as she will take care of it, whereas others tell them to go to a physician first, but no one is there who can confirm what type of surgeon removes pilonidal cysts.

So, let’s check out the details and provide pregnant women with the information they need at this moment.

How do you know who treats Pilonidal cysts during pregnancy?

With this digital transformation around the world, it has become very easy for people to find the facts on the internet. However, you do not have to rely on everything you see there, especially when you are pregnant. You must crosscheck everything before you proceed further. So, to know who treats the pilonidal disease, you must know that there are doctors who are studying specifically the pilonidal cyst which means they are experts in finding the cyst, removing it, and stopping the infection. You can ask your gynecologist about it and you will get an idea about the colorectal surgeons – whom you have to consult for the pilonidal cyst during pregnancy.

Should you consult a Colorectal Surgeon during Pregnancy?

Yes, you must consult a Colorectal surgeon during pregnancy because, at this stage, you need a specialized medical service to take care of your pilonidal cyst. In addition, if you are going through a complicated pregnancy, it means you are already in a tough phase, and now you are having an infected pilonidal cyst,t which can complicate things even more. So, it is time that you visit a good Pilonidal Expert who can help you understand everything clearly and provide you with the best treatment for the cyst.

Can you go for Pilonidal cyst removal surgery during pregnancy?

It entirely depends on your exact condition. If you are going through a lot of pain and the abscess is oozing out of the duct, there are high chance that the infection will reach to other parts of your body, which is not a good sign during pregnancy. So, the general surgeon for pilonidal cysts will try his best to use the latest techniques and tools to remove the cyst safely and stop the infection from spreading further.

On the other hand, if you have a complicated pregnancy and your gynecologist is not recommending a major surgery, then you have to find Pilonidal expert who can assess the situation better and make sure that the cyst removal process is done with minimal incision and without any heavy dosage of drugs that are not safe for pregnancy.

What should I do if Pilonidal Cyst Surgery is not an option due to my high-risk pregnancy?

In case you are having a high-risk pregnancy, only an experienced Colorectal surgeon can handle the situation better. They know what to do if you are not allowed to go for any surgical procedure due to the pregnancy. These surgeons will fist try stopping the infection with antibiotics and even if it does not work, they have laser techniques that give great results and do not need to make large incisions or general anaesthesia for removing the cyst. So, you will be at the safer side without worrying about the small life that is growing inside your body. You will happily welcome your baby to this world and take care of that amazing gift.

Can you follow any home remedy to stop the Pilonidal cyst infection till your delivery?

Even if you try everything at home, you cannot stop the pilonidal cyst infection. There does not exist any home remedy that will kill the infection and remove the cyst. You can try some preventive measures that will help you get some relief from the pain and discomfort buts that’s not all what you need. You have to say goodbye to the cyst and there is no home remedy for it. The only option you have is a surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get pilonidal cyst infection during pregnancy?

Yes, the pilonidal cyst can get infected during pregnancy. Several reasons contribute to the infection and your doctor will tell you about everything related to it.

Can Pilonidal Cyst hurt the baby inside the womb?

No, the Pilonidal cyst will not hurt your baby inside the womb. The cyst is located near the buttock crease, and it is an external issue that your surgeon will handle without involving the baby in the uterus.

Does a gynecologist remove the pilonidal cyst?

No, gynecologists study the childbirth process, and they do not know everything about the pilonidal cyst. So, you need a general surgeon for the pilonidal cyst removal process.

How can Pilonidal Experts save you from an acute pilonidal cyst infection?

Pilonidal Experts completely understand the situation of each patient with Pilonidal cyst infection, and this makes them among the top clinics where you can go for the best treatment plan.  The colorectal surgeon has years of experience in the field, and whether you are pregnant or have any other medical ailments, the Pilonidal Experts know the safest way to remove the complications and say goodbye to all that pain, discomfort, swelling, and bloody discharge.

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