Answers from a Pilonidal Expert


Who is the expert in pilonidal disease? Pilonidal disease is a skin condition that affects the top of the buttock crease. It happens when hair follicles become infected, causing a cyst or abscess to form. The condition is fairly common, affecting up to 5% [...]

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Is a Pilonidal Cyst Dangerous?


Is a pilonidal cyst dangerous? If you’re reading this you either think you or someone you may know has a pilonidal cyst or have already been diagnosed with one and are wondering if they are life threatening or dangerous. Thankfully you can live with one and they are only life threatening in very [...]

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How long does a pilonidal cyst last?


What is a pilonidal cyst? It is a cyst that appears at the top of the buttocks around where the cheeks meet, usually in or around the area above the tailbone. The cyst will generally contain an ingrown hair or hairs along with smaller pieces of skin. This can become infected causing an [...]

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How to Treat Pilonidal Sinus?


How to Treat Pilonidal Sinus? Pilonidal sinuses affected about 70,000 people annually in the United States alone. A painful skin infection, a pilonidal sinus is best described as an abnormal mass usually found at the top crease of the buttocks but can develop anywhere between the anus and the lower spine. While men [...]

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