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At Pilonidal Expert, we understand the pain and discomfort that pilonidal cysts can create in your life. If you are considering pilonidal cyst surgery, you have come to the right place. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with the best treatment possible and achieving your goals when it comes to pilonidal cysts. If you have seen a pilonidal cyst surgery video, you might have an idea of some of the implications of this medical procedure, but we will do a deep dive in this article talking about the multiple options for surgery, explaining their benefits, considerations, as well as the strategy we will use to treat your specific needs.

Understanding Pilonidal Cyst Surgery

Pilonidal cyst surgery is generally advised for people who have recurring or severe pilonidal cysts. Its purpose is to eliminate the cyst, relieve symptoms, and limit the likelihood of recurrence. Our team of specialists uses innovative surgical techniques to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients.

Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Procedures Include:

  • Incision and Drainage:
    Incision and drainage are our first-line treatments for acute or infected pilonidal cysts. We make a tiny incision under local anesthetic to drain the cyst and reduce pain and pressure. This technique provides instant relief, but it may not prevent the creation of future cysts.
  • Excision and Primary Closure:
    For larger or chronic pilonidal cysts, we often recommend excision and primary closure surgery. The entire cyst and damaged tissue are removed during this treatment, and the wound is closed with sutures. Excision and primary closure hasten to heal and lower the likelihood of recurrence.
  • Bascom’s Pit Picking Procedure:
    Bascom’s Pit Picking Procedure is a minimally invasive procedure for removing sinus tracts and diseased pits associated with pilonidal cysts. Our expert surgeons carefully remove these tracts with specialized devices, preventing future flare-ups.
  • The Limberg Flap Procedure:
    The Limberg Flap Procedure is a reconstructive procedure used to treat difficult or recurring pilonidal cysts. To close the wound, a triangular flap of surrounding healthy skin is created and rotated into the cyst chamber. This approach promotes faster healing and lowers the likelihood of recurrence.
  • Flap treatments:
    Flap treatments are a sophisticated surgical method used to treat difficult or recurring pilonidal cysts. These techniques involve reconstructing and closing the wound with healthy tissue from nearby locations. Flap operations promote rapid wound healing and limit the likelihood of recurrence.
  • Unroofing:
    Unroofing is a surgical procedure that involves removing the skin overlying the pilonidal cyst, allowing the cyst to heal from the bottom. This method is useful for smaller cysts since it promotes healing and prevents new cyst formation.
  • Phenol Treatment:
    After surgical removal of the pilonidal cyst, a phenol solution is applied to the cyst cavity. This is also known as chemical cauterization. This aids in the destruction of any remaining tissue and the prevention of recurrence. Phenol therapy can be a useful supplement to surgery.
  • Laser Ablation:
    Laser ablation is a minimally invasive therapy that employs laser energy to remove and seal the pilonidal cyst. This procedure provides exact tissue removal and cauterization, which results in less bleeding and a faster recovery.

Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Advantages: 

There are several advantages to getting pilonidal cyst surgery, including: 

  • Removal of the cyst and contaminated tissue, resulting in pain and discomfort reduction
  • Reduction in the risk of recurring pilonidal cysts
  • Improved wound healing and closure, reducing the risk of infection
  • Normal activities and a pain-free existence can be resumed

Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Considerations

While pilonidal cyst surgery is generally safe and effective, there are a few issues to consider:

Time to Recover: The recovery time depends on the surgical method and the individual’s healing pace. Our staff will give you post-operative care instructions and will walk you through the healing process.

Complications that could arise: While complications like as infection, hemorrhage, or wound healing concerns are infrequent, they can occur. Our skilled surgeons take every measure to reduce these dangers and assure a quick recovery.

Care After the Procedure: Regular check-ins are required to monitor your healing process and address any issues or queries you may have. We will provide you with a complete aftercare plan that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Pilonidal Cyst Surgery

Pilonidal Expert approaches pilonidal cyst surgery in a holistic manner. Our professional staff works closely with you to assess your condition, discuss your treatment goals, and offer the best surgical approach for your unique case.

We prioritize your comfort and well-being throughout the operation, from the initial consultation to the surgical procedure and post-operative care. Our doctors are well-trained and experienced in pilonidal cyst surgery. To provide the best possible outcomes for our patients, we use cutting-edge surgical procedures and technology.

Our goal is to establish a welcoming and helpful environment throughout the entire process. Our caring team is here to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and guide you every step of the journey. We understand that pilonidal cyst surgery is a major decision, and we are dedicated to making your experience as pleasant and successful as possible.

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Dr. Kamrava will carefully evaluate your condition, discuss your treatment choices, and address any concerns you may have throughout the appointment. His skill in pilonidal cyst surgery, as well as his dedication to patient satisfaction, make him an outstanding candidate for your surgical needs.

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I’ve had pilonidal disease for about ten years, and throughout that time I’ve had many doctor appointments, sleepless evenings looking up information on my condition on the Internet, and countless hours of suffering in silence because I felt like recovery was utterly out of my reach.

Dr. Kamrava saved my life. He was the first doctor I spoke with that put me at ease and gave me hope that I could heal as he specialized in pilonidal disease. Despite the possibility of a recurrence and the fact that the surgery is quite expensive, I felt safe and confident with his care.

Dr. Kamrava is just as professional, considerate, and great throughout the entire process as many of the testimonials on this website can agree. Additionally, his office staff is excellent! I will always be grateful to him for helping me deal with something that has given me years of pain and suffering.

Miguel C.

I visited Dr. Kamrava for the Pilonidal cyst that my son had. He was the only doctor providing laser treatment for Pilonidal Cysts at the time. He did an excellent job of presenting our options and the pros and cons of this laser therapy. Despite the fact that we lived quite far away, we ultimately made the decision to make a trip to the office based on all the information that Dr. Kamrava gave us. The procedure went quite well, with a quick recovery and no follow-ups. Excellent experience, if necessary, we wouldn’t think twice about using Dr. Kamrava’s services again.

Thomas R.

About a year ago, I went to see Doctor Kamrava for help with pilonidal cyst. He was always reachable by phone and patiently answered all of my inquiries during the entire treatment. Dr. Kamrava is not your typical medical professional. He works hard to build relationships with his patients and he is compassionate and empathetic.

I can honestly say that while under Dr. Kamrava’s care, I completely trust him, despite the fact that I typically have anxiety about surgery. Dr. Kamrava and his team provided excellent service, and I wouldn’t recommend them more if you are looking for a pilonidal cyst surgeon in Los Angeles.

Heskel k.

One of the nicest visits to a doctor’s office that I have ever had in Los Angeles. The front desk staff is extraordinarily friendly and highly competent (rare in L.A.). I was happy and couldn’t ask more for my visit. They quickly took me in after my first phone call and Dr. Allen and his nurse are outstanding. I’m not sure why his reviews aren’t all five stars, but then again, I’m a doctor too, and occasionally I’ll receive a negative review since nobody can please everyone, and there are some unhappy people out there. The man is smart, polite, and he truly made the experience enjoyable. Strongly recommend to everyone. I’m grateful, Dr. Kamrava.

Jeff T.

For more than ten years, I had been having pain in my lower back and was scared to seek medical attention. I looked up Dr. Kamrava’s office online and, after reading the positive testimonials, decided to contact them. I was immediately connected and at ease throughout the initial consultation on the phone. I made an appointment for the following week at a time that was convenient for me. Major plus. I was so anxious during the week that I waited. My mind raced with ideas about how serious the problem I had been avoiding had become.

I met with the doctor in about five minutes, and I was relieved. He was very friendly and professional, and I didn’t feel at all uneasy with him. After he listened to my problem (love that), he commented on what he thought might be happening. After that, he performed a check-up on me, and it was discovered that I was alright! My “main” issue (in my thoughts), which had been bothering me for years, had resolved itself. My shoulders felt like they were being lifted off a million tons. I had faith in the doctor because I knew he had a lot of experience and he is trustworthy.

Overall, I’m delighted to find Dr. Kamrava’s office. All went well, thank God. I learned a valuable lesson from this not to ignore signs from the body.

Adelina V.

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