Have you heard about the open wound pilonidal cyst treatment? Not everyone knows about this term; however, with the latest transformations in the digital world, people are now aware of a lot of things that exist like this treatment plan. So, let’s explain exactly what it is and how successful it is in helping people get rid of pilonidal cysts. In addition, should you try choosing this treatment plan if you need Pilonidal Cyst Excision.

Let’s start this journey and learn everything about open wound treatment.

What is open wound pilonidal cyst treatment?

During the initial days, people had just the slightest idea of what a pilonidal cyst was. Even the doctors had to read about it, and what are the root causes, and how the patients could prevent this issue. So, the only treatment by then was this open wound procedure. This was considered the safest process and the only way to end the pain and discomfort caused by the cyst.

How did this all start?

The start was initiated by the fact that there is no single drug that can successfully treat cyst-infected hidradenitis. A pilonidal cyst is the most advanced form of skin infection inherited when follicles get blocked and one of the reasons it becomes resistant to medication is due to bacterial cause. Losing hope is one component of this puzzle. The anti-biotics can kill the infection to some degree, but you need to remove them properly. You need to clear the duct properly and make sure that there is no abscess or debris left inside the duct. So, this all started with the fact that you cannot choose medicine over surgery.

Explain the steps involved in Open wound surgery.

The open wound technique is a common procedure that is done on patients with infected pilonidal cysts. This process starts like this:

  1. It starts off with the application of anesthetic agents in local level to numb the skin. This is not the situation because the procedure is small and the doctor does not have to put the whole body to sleep with the anesthesia to not numb your whole body, but to make a cut in the tailbone area.
  2. The next step is when the surgeon makes a cut near the buttock crease and drains out all the bloody discharge and abscess. It is very essential to drain the external manifestations, like the continuous bloody discharge, as the longer it stays, the more it will aggravate the situation. This will, in turn, result in the spread of bacteria and infection, and other body parts won’t be spared.
  3. At once, the doctor would aspirate the cyst, discharging the pus, and then ensure that the deviated duct was unbound, and leave the mouth open with gauze packed inside.
  4. Now, you may be thinking, How would this wound heal if left open? Yes, it will heal but takes time. You cannot expect it to heal the very next day or the next week. Usually, it’s coupled with a period of two or three weeks, which should be reserved to recover completely and can allow you to go back to your daily routine.
  5. Finally, consider carefully rotating gauze so that it stays clean and there is no infection. You must use a good antibiotic solution to clean the wound while changing the gauze.

This is how the surgeons use the open wound technique.

How successful is this technique?

As mentioned above, this technique was mostly used during the initial phase, when the pilonidal cyst was still under research. The surgeons used this technique because there was no other solution that could have helped the patients with the relief. But there is one point that you should know – with the advancements in the medical field, there are the latest surgical techniques that work wonders in removing the pilonidal cyst. You can take the example of the laser technique, which is now the top pilonidal cyst excision surgery technique and is widely accepted and appreciated by all medical professionals who study the different ways to remove the pilonidal cyst permanently. So, now you do not have to go through that constant pain and keep on changing the gauze because you have the laser removal of the cyst.

Is an open wound better than the laser technique?

There is no comparison between the two. If you want to choose between the two, the laser technique tops the list because it’s much safer than the other method. The procedure takes a few minutes or an hour, and there is no risk of heavy bleeding, any residue left behind, infection, or changing or gauze every day. The best thing is that you do not have to wait long for recovery. It will take a few days to get back to your routine and there is no pain or inflammation left after the procedure. On the other hand, an open wound is tough to handle and may cause heavy bleeding and there are chances of post-surgical infection because the wound is open and you have to fill it with gauze.


Hence, in the end, we can say that the open wound technique was an old shoe and now you have the best pilonidal cyst excision procedures that are comparatively much safer and offer complete recovery within a week. You do not have to wait for long and let the wound heal itself, instead, you will come back home relaxed and have to follow some post-operative measures for a few days to keep everything safe.

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