This is indeed a tricky question for people who have no idea about the Pilonidal Cyst. They believe that a general physician can treat them for this issue, so rather than finding the right doctor for this issue, they continue with the same approach. And, guess what? They have to go through a long route to reach their destination. So, isn’t it better to know before what doctor treats pilonidal cysts so that people can connect with the right person on time and without worrying about other factors, But how will a person know what type of doctor will treat his Pilonidal cyst?

For such people, we are always here to guide them on how they can find the person who can cure their Pilonidal Disease. The only medical professional who is capable of understanding the exact pilonidal cyst issues is a colorectal Surgeon. He is the person who has studied everything about why these occur, how we can treat them, and how to prevent their reoccurrence. Let’s now discuss who is a Colorectal Surgeon.

Who is a Colorectal Surgeon?

A colorectal surgeon is a specialist doctor with background knowledge in the diagnostic, treatment, and management of diseases that affect the colon, rectum, and anus. Such experts undergo the general surgery residency first and then take the additional (fellowship) training that target the colorectal surgery area precisely. In addition to gastrointestinal anatomy and physiology, colorectal surgeons draw on techniques for surgical as well as non-surgical methods to address various conditions, such as colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and diverticular disease.

Their ability to perform the most advanced surgical techniques is crucial, while they act as caring caregivers with the well-being of their patients as their top priority and by offering treatment tailored to every patient’s needs. Their dedication to excellence and commitment to furthering the field of colorectal surgery make them valuable members of a healthcare team that strives to restore health to patients who face opponents in colorectal health challenges. Thus, we can say that if you are thinking about what type of surgeon removes pilonidal cysts, the answer is a Colorectal Surgeon.

Does a Colorectal Surgeon handle the pilonidal cyst removal surgery?

Yes, one of the daily tasks of colorectal surgeons is pilonidal cyst removal surgery. Pilonidal cysts are cysts that form near the tailbone (coccyx) and may become infected, leading to painful, swollen, and pus-filled wounds. Conservative treatments such as antibiotics, abscess drainage, and surgery are usually sufficient for relatively benign cases, but reoperations may be required in recurrent, or complex cases.

Compared to other medical specialists, colorectal surgeons are the best professionals who are skilled and committed to treating conditions like pilonidal cyst removal that affect the lower gastrointestinal tract including the anus and surrounding regions. The surgical intervention usually includes the removal of the cyst with sinus tracts and sewing wounds carefully enough to enable healing and avoid recurrence.

These Pilonidal Cyst surgeons may apply various surgical methods of cyst removal, like the excision with the primary closure, the excision with flap closure, or minimally invasive techniques, like pit picking or laser ablation. The selection of the technique is based on factors like the size and degree of complexity of the cyst, the presence of infection, and the general status of the patient’s health. By choosing colorectal surgeons to perform pilonidal cyst removal surgery, patients can feel certain that their knowledge of the associated conditions of the perianal area is encyclopedic, and that they are therefore in the best hands for comprehensive treatment that is tailored to their personal case.

Wrapping Up:

Thus, we can clearly say that it’s a colorectal surgeon who solves your query for – what doctor treats pilonidal cysts. You have all the details that clearly indicate this point, clearing your thoughts and giving you the right direction to proceed. You do not have to waste your time in other sources when you know that you have to find a colorectal surgeon when you have a pilonidal cyst.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of doctor removes the pilonidal Cyst?

You need a Colorectal Surgeon who can remove your pilonidal cyst. A simple surgeon or a doctor cannot treat it the way a colorectal can proceed further to provide you with complete relief from the pilonidal disease.

When should I consult pilonidal cyst surgeons?

You must consult a Pilonidal cyst surgeon when you have pain or inflammation. Moreover, if there is pus or an abscess, you must immediately call the surgeon and visit the hospital.

Is Pilonidal Cyst Surgery Painful?

It can be slightly painful, but if you compare it with the pain you go through due to a pilonidal cyst, there is a huge difference. Pilonidal disease can give you a lot of pain and discomfort when you ignore it and do not consult a surgeon at the moment.

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